Building resilience improves our ability to cope with stress and crisis situations. Although we are not born with a high level of resilience, we can build our inner strength using three simple techniques. The important thing is to be aware of them and implement them every day.

  1. Change your attitude


It is so difficult to remain positive when you are in a difficult moment of your life. The thing is, however, that our negative thoughts make our rough patch even rougher. You have probably heard that the more negative thoughts we have, the more negativity we attract.

Positive thinking leads to various health benefits, such as increased immunity.

Changing your attitude starts with controlling your self-talk. Pay attention to your thoughts and try to stop the negative ones using the positive words instead.

Daily tip: Practice meditation. It will help you to alleviate daily stressors and will ultimately strengthen your resilience. When it comes to changing your attitude, it will help you to be more focused and will improve your ability to control your self-talk. 

  1. Practice gratitude


If you don’t appreciate what you already have, it will be extremely difficult for you to get more. Nowadays we get, almost everywhere we get the message that we are not enough and we do not have enough.

Daily tip: every evening write down three things you an be grateful for. It’s a great practice to do in your journal or together with your family or child. It will make you feel good and relaxed immediately. The more you practice it, the more abundance you start feeling in your life.

  1. Embrace pain and uncertainty

We tend to feel stressed and frustrated when things do not go the way we expected. However, uncertainty is inherent part of our life. Nothing is certain and we will not avoid disappointment or pain. Resisting pain and suffering turns our life into a constant struggle. Whenever they show up in your life, invite them and learn your lesson.

Daily tip: if you tend to worry too much about life, repeat affirmations – this practice will help you to get confident about your adapting skills. Examples of affirmations include:

I possess the qualities needed to be successful.

I am courageous and I stand up for myself.

I wake up today with strength in my heart and clarity in my mind.

I am worth loving. There is love all around me.

I am safe.

I let go.

Today is now and I face it head on.