I’m Natalia and as a certified health coach I put the power back in your hands


My mission is to support others in achieving their objectives and personal development.

My clients work with me to:

– discover their motivation

– change their eating habits

– regain control over their body

– strengthen their self-discipline

– lose weight

– better organize their time

– build their inner strength

I believe everyone can be in charge of their health and life – the more we control it,

the easier life becomes for us. We are more satisfied with our job

and private life, we discover and develop our passion, we become more and more successful.

Everyone can achieve that!

I have been working in Brussels-based consultancies for over seven years.

I know how difficult it is to organize your time, eat healthy and exercise regularly when you work a lot and travel often.

However, I am also an example that it is possible to change your habits.

Positive changes in the area of food and exercise lead to other positive changes in different areas of your life.

Now I work as a health coach and I am a mom of a four-year-old Mia.

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